After Warhol 3, 2008
by Devorah Sperber

After Warhol 3, 2008, by Devorah Sperber, New York City

"After Warhol 3," 2008, 2,773 chenille stems, rigid foam board, wood frame,
Dimensions: 21" x 17" x 3"

After Warhol 3 is constructed from 2,773 chenille stems so the image resolution is fairly low. Yet when seen from a distance, the chenille stems condense into a recognizable image, conveying how little information the brain needs to make sense of visual imagery it has already been exposed to.

Devorah Sperber is a New York-based artist whose sculptures, composed of thousands of ordinary objects, negotiate a terrain between low and high tech. Her labor-intensive works explore repetition and the effects of digital technology on perception, scale, and subjective reality. -Patricia Phillips, Executive Editor, Art Journal other Warhol inspired works ..back to home page
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