Review of "Banal and Sublime" at the Morlan Gallery
January 8- March 5, 2004
The Courier-Journal
"No Pens, No Brushes"
by Diane Heilenman

No pens, no brushes New York installation artist Devorah Sperber brings her remarkable "pixilated" reality to the Morlan Gallery at Lexington's Transylvania University campus off Broadway.

A visiting artist to Bellarmine University in 1991, Sperber is known for mesmerizing re-creations of reality using bizarre materials, such as 35,000 chenille stems (pipe cleaners as it were) to create the illusion of a "Shag Rug" or 14,000 map tacks on clear vinyl to re-create a "Red Bandana" and a "Black Bandana" and a "Blue Bandana" and so forth.

"Banal and Sublime: Works by Devorah Sperber" opens Friday and continues through March 5. A reception is 5 to 8 p.m. Feb. 20. It boggles the mind and makes you rethink recycling ink-pen caps become a Persian carpet, a VW bus is created with 60,000 flower stickers on a shower curtain, spools of thread hung on clear pegs create the reflections on a lake's surface.

Sperber uses the computer to blow up images immensely (about 1,600 times their real size) and then uses the deconstruction of reality to reconstruct it in unexpected media. As an Art Journal reviewer put it in 2002, "the artist amasses thousands of everyday objects the banal; from these, she constructs astonishingly sophisticated sculptures the sublime."

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