Review of "After Chuck Close"
at Apexart, New York, NY
New York Times Review
"Art After the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" June 20 , 2003
by Ken Johnson

Apexart, 291 Church Street, TriBeCa, This show, organized by the curator Eugenie Tsai, presents five inventive art recyclers. Mariatta Ganapin makes densely patterned mandalas from tiny pieces punched from art reproductions; Devorah Sperber redoes Chuck Close using colored pipe-cleaners; Micahel Cloud makes gridded abstractions of old master still lifes; Anoka Faruqee incrementally replicates her own poured paintings using an asterisk mark; and Suzanne Bocanegra's whole-wall installation inventories "All the Petals From Jan Brughel the Elder's Sense of Smell" -Ken Johnson, June 20, 2003

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