Review of "Reflections on a Lake"
at the Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY
New York Times Review
In Islip, Experimentation and Installation, August 29, 1999
by Helen A. Harrison
Mirrors for viewing "Reflections on a Lake," by Devorah Sperber

Illusions of space and scale are exploited with uncanny impact in Devorah Sperber's "Reflections on a Lake." The image is composed of thousands of spools of thread that when seen at close range look like a random arrangement of colored cylinders. Viewed from a distance, the colors coalesce to form a picture, as in a mosaic or pointillist painting, but in this space the viewer cannot back up far enough to see it. Instead, one must look into small convex mirrors mounted on the opposite wall, where a vividly realised shoreline landscape appears. This amazing optical illusion raises issues of perception that deserve extended scrutiny-- yet another aspect of reflection that the work addresses. -Helen A. Harrison 8-29-99

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